1. Quotation

Type of visa Duration Price(USD)
Single entry 1 month 4 hours 25
(1-2 days) 20
(3-5 days) 10
3 months 4 hours 30
(1-2 days) 25
(3-5 days) 20
Multiple entry 1 month 4 hours 26
(1-2 days) 21
(3-5 days) 15
3 months 4 hours 40
(1-2 days) 35
(3-5 days) 30

Note: Our cost above is excluded the stamp fee of about US$25 for single entry & about US$50 for multiple entry, be submitted directly to the Custom office at the airport.

2. Procedure
Please fill in our form as below (or you could scan first page of your passport and send us via email)

Full name (same as on passport) Gender Date of birth Nationality Passport Number Date of expiry( valid at least 06 months) Date of arrival Port of arrival

3. Steps

We will send you the pre-approved letter and the Application for Entry and Exit Visa form after 1- 5 working days(not included Saturday and Sunday).

– You should fill in the form in advance (attaching two latest photos, in 4 x 6 cm size, with a face straight forward) submit one form to the Vietnam visa issuing office or consulate and the other to frontier, police post upon your arrival.

– Pay in cash for the stamp fee to Customs officer at the airport for collecting your visa: US$25 for single entry & US$50 for multiple entry.

Mr. Son
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